Check-in time is available between 3:00 pm and 10:00 pm During the registration process:

Notify on arrival by calling the person in charge of each case; since only people who have made their reservation previously are admitted.  


The guest responsible for the registration must provide an official identification and the reservation email.


For security, no additional people are allowed in any of the cabins, so it is requested to respect the maximum number of people. Everyone, regardless of age, counts as a guest.


The guest must park the vehicle in which they are moving, in the space determined by the administration for this purpose.


Departure is set at 10:00 am (with a maximum tolerance of 60 minutes)  During the process:


The administration will carry out the inventory of the cabin and in case of missing or damage, the damage will be charged to the guest. If the amount of the missing or the damage to the goods or the facilities exceeds the amount left in guarantee, the guest is obliged to cover the difference immediately.


By way of example, not limiting, it is indicated that the guest will be responsible for covering the cost of special washing or even the cost of replacing sheets, towels, bedspreads or any other item in the room that is stained with blood, ink, shoe paint, hair dye, etc. The amount to be paid is entirely at the discretion of the hotel.


It is necessary for the guest to inform the reception in advance if they wish to stay for additional time, which will be authorized based on availability, generating an additional cost.


In the event that the guest does not leave the room at the time indicated in this paragraph, without having notified the request for an extension of stay, the management will have the right to charge one more night per occupancy.


During their stay:

Rest hours between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am must be respected, during which time it is not possible to use the voice at high volume, sound equipment such as horns, instruments, make use of any article that disturbs the tranquility of the guests or develop activities that produce noise generating annoyance to the guests.  


At all times, guests should moderate the use of their voice so as not to disturb the rest of others.


We do not allow events such as weddings, school groups or any noisy events. Our place is not prepared and adapted to hold large events.


It is strictly prohibited:


Remove any furniture or covers from inside the cabin, as they can be damaged. If there are damages, the guest will be charged, having to cover the damages before their departure.


Smoking anywhere inside the facilities.


Leaving campfires, grills, fireplaces or wood heaters unattended. The bonfires can only be lit in the area adapted for this purpose (request information at reception).


Having inappropriate behavior and / or excessive consumption of alcohol causing intoxication. It will be notified and made available to the authorities if necessary.


At all times, the employees of the place and other guests must be treated with respect.


Adults must ensure the proper behavior of minors in their care, as well as their safety, there are sloping and slippery areas. RUNNING OR JUMPING ON THE HANGING BRIDGES IS NOT ALLOWED


The administration is not responsible for the damage or loss of the guest's possessions, as well as for the accidents that occur within the facilities.


The objects forgotten by the guests will remain protected by the administration for a term of 30 days, if during said term the corresponding claim is not made, making available the means for their return, they will be granted as a donation or recycled. There is no courier service to send forgotten objects, so the claimants will have to carry out the actions that are necessary for the recovery of the property in question.


The administration reserves the right of admission and / or permanence and may demand the immediate withdrawal of those who do not comply with these policies and rules without reimbursement for the missing nights or for the guarantee deposit.


In the cases that it deems appropriate, the administration will warn guests about non-compliance with any or some of the sections of these policies and regulations, after the two warnings, guests will be asked to leave the facilities, having to carry out the guest the payment of stay up to the term of your reservation.


In the cases determined in this document or so deemed by the administration in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of this numeral, no warning will be given prior to the eviction.


At the time of making the reservation, the guest is aware of the policies and rules set forth above.