Change and cancellation policies for individual reservations

For any change or cancellation to your reservation you must request it to the email providing your confirmation key (s).


From your confirmation you have 72 hours to cancel or modify the date of stay without any penalty.

After the indicated period and up to 5 days before your arrival, in the case of cancellation, you will have a 20% penalty for administrative expenses on the total reservation.


In this period you can request a change of date of stay without penalty, this change can be made within the current year and will only be a change of date, it is subject to availability and current rate.


After 5 days prior to your reservation there are no cancellations or date changes, therefore, no refund applies.

For reservations made the same day or within 48 hours before the stay, no changes or cancellations will apply. There is no refund.

For the reimbursement request, a deposit slip is requested, details of the bank account in which the deposit is to be applied and the INE of the owner of the account and of the deposit. From the entry of your request, the refund will be applied in 10 business days.

All reservation must be guaranteed, within a maximum period of 24 hours after your request or on the date indicated by the executive, by means of a deposit or transfer for the total amount to be paid or at least 50% of the total stay. In case of not guaranteeing the Hotel, it will not be obliged to respect the reservation.

When making your payment, deposit or transfer, we appreciate sending the bank receipt to the email  

In the event that the reservation payment is made by cash deposit, the guarantee will be validated the next business day that the deposit is reflected in the Hotel's bank account. In the case of check deposits, the guarantee will take effect on the business day following that on which the check has been effectively cashed and credited to the Hotel's bank account.

In the case of offers, discounts or coupons, the Hotel may indicate that it is a "Non-refundable" operation. In this case, the cancellation policies will not be applicable.